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MR. Howard's universe does not adhere to normal physical laws. Math has no meaning and very little relevance. The only things that matter are literature and proper expression!
Thu Sep 16

Summer Reading

Students/ Parents

  Hampton City Schools sponsors a REQUIRED summer reading program for all high school students. Those students who attended middle school in Hampton should have been made aware of this back in the spring. I will begin to review the summer reading selections in my classes next week, and by this time the students will be held responsible for reading the following novels:

All Classes: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Honors English classes (blocks 3,7,8): Speak and EITHER The Pearl (J. Steinbeck) OR Lord Of The Flies (W. Golding)

  Students should have read these novels over the summer and will be tested on them in the next 1-2 weeks. All of these novels are available for purchase at the Barnes and Noble in Coliseum Central; students may also be able to borrow them from upperclassmen here at KHS, since they were required to read these novels as well. 

  I have made announcements in all my classes since the beginning of school so that students are aware of the upcoming reviews and tests on these novels.

Thu Aug 26

To all parents

  I’d like to welcome you all to my class and my page!  

  This page will be the main means of communication to students and parents, and I plan to update it frequently with information about assignments, due dates, and various other goings-on within the scope of my class. I encourage you all to check this page often, and email me at if you have any questions about the class or your child’s performance. I like to hear from parents, and I’ve found that email is the most efficient means for me to communicate with all of you. Of course, if you have something to share about your child’s learning style, or if you have a concern which you need to share with me, all communications will be kept confidential. 

  I look forward to working with you in order to make your child’s year a rousing success!

Mon Aug 25